Trying MegaShield Lipstick For The First Time

Bolstered by my success with Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows, I decided to try some of their new Megashield lipcolors. I’d been jonesing for a Revlon lip butter, and since the Megashields (which I can’t link to since they aren’t available for sale online anywhere. Meh.) were advertised as being moisturizing, and containing SPF, I figured they might fill the gap.

While I love these lipsticks (bought FIVE of them!), they for sure aren’t “balm-like”. At all. They’re richly, densely pigmented . . . perhaps the most pigmented lipsticks I own. They also, by virtue of being so pigmented, are a little bit drying. I held out writing this review until I’d obtained and tested out an actual Revlon Lip Butter for comparison purposes and, now that I have, I can confirm to you that these Megashield lipsticks are in NO WAY, shape or form anything like the Revlon Lip Butters. If you’re looking for a formula dupe, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

HOWEVER! If you’re after a richly pigmented, long lasting lipstick that comes in trendy shades and won’t break the bank, this is your product.

These lipsticks are, apparently, supposed to retail for $2.99. When I’ve purchased they’ve been ringing up for less ($2.49 at one Walgreens and $1.79 at another . . . with nary a sale sticker in sight). They’re also packaged with $1 off stickie coupons, so for the 5 lipsticks shown here, I spent a grand total of about $7.

(Apologies for the smudge on Salsa Lessons . . . SOMEBODY woke up from his nap halfway through my photo shoot). As you can see, these are very matte. As I mentioned earlier, they are a little drying, so I’ve had the most success wearing them with a layer of balm (rubbed in well) underneath. However, the pigment? Like, whoa. I took these swatch photos in the early evening, washed my hands several times through the night, showered and washed my hair the next morning, and I could STILL see traces of pigment leftover from Salsa Lessons in the morning. On the lips, I’ve found these to wear several hours and eventually fade evenly.

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