Touch Table Lamps – A great accessories for your bedroom

Touch table lamps are wonderful accessory for your bedroom. They have additional benefits compare to traditional table lamps that are operated by switch. You don’t need to fumble for the switch in the middle of light in order to switch off or on the lamp. Modern touch lamps are also great in look and comes with sensors that allow them to be either turn on or off with just touch of your hand. These table lamps comes with different settings to change the brightness of the light. If you are looking for buying best touch table lamps then this guide will help you.

Choosing the right table lamps for your bedroom in UK

There is nothing more elegant and classy than vintage floor touch lamps. In fact, in my observation, the trend with home decorations nowadays is adding classy antique lamps to elevate the value and aesthetics of rooms. Furthermore, vintage floor lamps are striking making them great conversation starters when you have guests and visitors at home. Because of its unknown and enigmatic history as well as elaborate design and romantic grace, it is hard not to take notice of vintage floor lamps. Additionally, the rustic finish, stained glass lampshade and intricate details makes it all the more appealing.

 What Are Touch Table Lamps?

Bedside touch table lamps UKBedside touch table lamps are a convenient way to turn light on and off in the bedroom. Simply tap the base for perfect reading or working light, and then tap it again when you are ready to go to sleep. Touch table lamps are available in a variety of styles to match your bedroom decor. Browse the options below for the one that is right for you.

Floor lamps vintage are lighting fixtures that were made and designed in a previous era or decade which have been refurbished for current use. Such lamps are both functional and decorative. Functional because it can illuminate rooms really well and decorative because most vintage designs of floor lamps have elaborate details those floor lamps contemporary cannot offer. Although, some of these retro floor lamps need further polishing to work and illuminate rooms properly. There are various styles of vintage floor lamps you can choose from including the romantic Victorian-style lampshades and 20th century art deco styles.

 Lighting Technology

I observed that different vintage brass floor lamps have different lighting technologies employed as well. It all depends on what era the vintage floor lamp was created and the technology currently available. The earliest lighting technology in vintage floor lamps is through burning oil and later on evolved to kerosene, candle, gas, and eventually electricity. There are a few 20th century vintage floor lamps that are already equipped with electric wires but cannot function with today’s light bulbs. In such cases, further reconstruction of the lite source is needed. But you can also prefer not to reconstruct the lamp if you want to further preserve its value. You can make it solely as decorative pieces instead.

 Base And Shade Of Vintage Floor Lamps

Vintage floor lamps are made of various materials. Most vintage ones have bases made of metal or an oil burner. But there are also some vintage floor lamps that have bases made from glass, crystal, or wood. Some vintage floor lamps have very simple bases without any intricate and elaborate designs while others are thoughtfully and skillfully carved. The shade on the other hand or often made of glass than any other materials. Most of the vintage shades you can find are printed with various designs such as floral patterns, nature, and animals.

There are many places nowadays where you can find vintage floor lamps. Aside from going through flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops, there are also Lowe’s floor lamps you can find that emulate a vintage floor lamp. Lowe’s is a great place to find vintage-looking pieces that will work perfectly using today’s technology.

Vintage floor lamps are a great addition to any home. They are great as decorative pieces and work perfectly to illuminate rooms as well. If you want to purchase one, consider looking at some vintage-inspired floor lamps Lowe’s to make sure it will work properly given today’s current lighting technology. But if you want an authentic vintage and antique floor lamp, there are many you can find in antique shops you can refurbish to work properly with today’s lighting technology.

Fascinating Displays in a Table Lamp Base


I’ve seen these lamps in fancy decorating magazines and always wanted one. These fillable lamp bases are wonderful ways to display a collection of seashells, beach glass, marbles, tiny toys from childhood, a matchbook collection or other collectible items. There are a variety of shapes from the classic ginger jar to a clear glass cube to a mason jar to serve as the base for the lamp. You can fill it with whatever you like best. If you’ve been hoarding a collection of small things and they are stashed away in a drawer or a shoebox, then you need one of these fillable lamps.

It doesn’t even have to be all one thing. Fill your lamp base with an odd assortment of things. People find it fascinating to look at the lamp and see what treasures it holds. You can make this lamp elegant, down-home, or any style you want by filling the base with different items. Just imagine it filled with silk roses or crackerjack prizes. It’s easy to change the look. Just undo the top cap, then put in whatever strikes your fancy. Make it a unique addition to your room decor. You get a pair of lamps.

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