Baby Poop – And the diaper story

Having a baby? You’re about to embark on a stinky journey into the world of baby poop! Yes, this entire lens is devoted to infant excrement, and with good reason. Chances are, you have no idea that your world is about to revolve around what comes out of your new baby’s cute, little bottom. Suddenly, poop is a priority… and a purpose.

If you’re already a parent, you’ve been in poop up to your ears, but while what’s below may not be new to you fellow veterans, I can almost guarantee a laugh, a “gee, that sounds familiar”, or at the very least.. a knowing smirk.

My baby’s poop don’t stank

A recent study found that mothers prefer the smell of their own baby’s poop. (Hey, there are scientists devoting research dollars to poop, so I have no qualms about pooping out a lens on the subject.)

The mothers involved in the study consistently ranked the smell of their own kid’s poop as better than that of other babies. Imagine being an intern and having to prep for this study, ’cause you know they did the dirty work. Of course there were women willing to show up and sniff poop. I hope they were paid.

Personal product recommendations for poopers

  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It is simply thee cream of the diaper cream crop. You’d expect the author of a lens on poop to use something called butt paste, wouldn’t you? It may be a funny name, but it’s some serious stuff… and Oprah likes it. What more do you need to know?
  • Both of my tots wear Luvs diapers. Know why? They work just as well as any other, and they’re CHEAPER. I used Huggies Supreme and Pampers Baby Dry for a long time and had good results from both. I finally had the nerve to give Luvs a shot, and now I’m happily saving money on diapers.
  • It’s nothing but Huggies Natural Care wipes for me. They’re thicker than other wipes I’ve tried and feel more like a washcloth. Thickness means less chance of poop on my hands, and that’s always a good thing.
  • Diaper pail or nappy bins: If your baby poops lot or you have more than 1 kids who wears diaper, then you must have a good diaper disposal system. You can use a simple thrash bin or a bucket, but with more diapers they stink lot. One option is to have a nappy disposal bin also known as diaper pail. I have one of the best nappy bin and it really works.

Dad must get dirty too!

No matter what he says or how much he tries to avoid it, Dad is at least 50% responsible for Baby being here, and Dad must partake in the poop disposal. Not only does it give you a break from diaper duty, but it allows Dad some serious bonding time as well. The rear end is not all one encounters during diaper changes – there’s plenty of face time to talk and coo with Baby. Encourage Dad to take an active part in changing diapers. He may eventually enjoy it, to his surprise.

This dad had a mishap with some baby powder, but he survived. (I’m glad he did!) 😉 You other dads probably won’t look this silly after changing a diaper, unless you’re related to my other half!

Take cover: the poop shoot!

At some point in your diapering career, it’s quite possible that you will encounter poop as it is being pooped. Try as we might to avoid it, sometimes poop just happens.

The key is to remain calm, especially if your baby has just had explosive diarrhea, or what is known in our household as Down the Wall Poop. Calmness and composure during a poop shoot is easier said than done, but it is essential in this phase of poop problem solving.

1. Take a deep breath. Remember to hold your nose and breathe through your mouth, though.

2. Get Baby clean first, or else you’ll have Squirmed-in Poop in addition to Down the Wall Poop, and two poops are twice the poop of one.

3. Occupy baby AWAY FROM POOP, and bring out the big boys from under the kitchen sink – something that cleans and disinfects.

4. Count to 10 and move in for the kill. You can do this!

5. Have a laugh and blog about it. The first time is always the worst, but it’s something you can look back on with a smile. Until the next time it happens.

If you’re wondering what Mulder has to do with Down the Wall Poop… a search for “baby frown” photos turned up a lot of David Duchovny pics. Hmmmm…

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