About Me

My name is Katie, welcome to my blog.

In 2012 I fulfilled a lifelong dream of living abroad and moved to Prague (in the Czech Republic). I spent 3 years teaching English and traveling, then returned to the States (and technology) in 2015. My intention was to leave again, perhaps to Thailand or somewhere in South America… but fate intervened and I wound up in Los Angeles for 2 years. While I could never learn to love, or even like, Los Angeles, it brought me that much closer to the place I now call home and the city that I hope will be our last stop, Seattle. (Truly. I’m a Northern girl – I adore Seattle and this city’s weather was, for me, a welcome change from LA.)

Over the last many years, I have come to realize that creating a meal in my own kitchen is not only healthier and more economical than eating out, it’s also a lot more fun!

I love exercise, raw milk, whole food, and am fantasizing about getting a couple of chickens by the end of this year. I make my own chicken & beef stock, a mean brunch & chocolate cake and I’m probably the only person in the world who had moved to California and STARTED to eat meat again. After 21 years of abstaining from the red stuff, I’ve now eaten veal, foie gras, and sweetbreads (at a 3 star Michelin restaurant in San Sebastian, no less – they were amazing.) There’s no going back to my vegetarian ways, I am fully recovered.