Do You Really Need Humidifiers in India?

If you are looking for a product that will help sort out the quality of air in your home as you feel it to be dry or not clean enough and you want to improve your health then you have come to right place. The reason you found this post, can also be because you are looking for reliable information about air quality in your home and you need help with understanding the industry jargon that producers use when selling their products. Either way, you have come to the best place to solve your problem. I have never claimed to be a professional at this. I am just a normal person who have for many years taken my air quality  very seriously as I am a firm believer that bad air quality in our homes will have a direct effect on our health. I have bought endless different types of humidifiers and air purifiers in recent years and have come across a number of issues.

A humidifier is a machine that keeps the room atmosphere moist which will prevent dryness. Humidifier are quiet effective in treating  flaky skin which includes the nose, throat, and the lips. The use of humidifiers that emit water vapor or steam are occasionally used to ward off common cold and symptoms of the flu. I have therefore decided to help out with this blog. I am sure you will benefit from the information provided here and take full advantage of the research I have put into each article. To make things even better I have come up with a criteria which I use to rate each product to come out with a full detailed review, so you can decide for your self which is the best humidifier in India.

What is the Best Humidifier of 2018?

humdifier 2018Finding a good humidifier for your home or office can be a painstaking task. As so many different brands and models of humidifiers have flooded the market and one finds it difficult to search a device that fits his budget, and is a good performer at the same time.

But normally, many people have a notion to ignore the use of good humidifiers and eventually prefer to purchase cheaper alternatives to save money. Hence, the question that needs to be answered is, what is the need of a humidifier? Well, to clear the general perception, a humidifier is a device which purifies the air and maintains a good level of humidity and temperature in your room or a certain area. (more…)

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Baby Poop – And the diaper story

Having a baby? You’re about to embark on a stinky journey into the world of baby poop! Yes, this entire lens is devoted to infant excrement, and with good reason. Chances are, you have no idea that your world is about to revolve around what comes out of your new baby’s cute, little bottom. Suddenly, poop is a priority… and a purpose.

If you’re already a parent, you’ve been in poop up to your ears, but while what’s below may not be new to you fellow veterans, I can almost guarantee a laugh, a “gee, that sounds familiar”, or at the very least.. a knowing smirk.

My baby’s poop don’t stank

A recent study found that mothers prefer the smell of their own baby’s poop. (Hey, there are scientists devoting research dollars to poop, so I have no qualms about pooping out a lens on the subject.)

The mothers involved in the study consistently ranked the smell of their own kid’s poop as better than that of other babies. Imagine being an intern and having to prep for this study, ’cause you know they did the dirty work. Of course there were women willing to show up and sniff poop. I hope they were paid.

Personal product recommendations for poopers

  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It is simply thee cream of the diaper cream crop. You’d expect the author of a lens on poop to use something called butt paste, wouldn’t you? It may be a funny name, but it’s some serious stuff… and Oprah likes it. What more do you need to know?
  • Both of my tots wear Luvs diapers. Know why? They work just as well as any other, and they’re CHEAPER. I used Huggies Supreme and Pampers Baby Dry for a long time and had good results from both. I finally had the nerve to give Luvs a shot, and now I’m happily saving money on diapers.
  • It’s nothing but Huggies Natural Care wipes for me. They’re thicker than other wipes I’ve tried and feel more like a washcloth. Thickness means less chance of poop on my hands, and that’s always a good thing.
  • Diaper pail or nappy bins: If your baby poops lot or you have more than 1 kids who wears diaper, then you must have a good diaper disposal system. You can use a simple thrash bin or a bucket, but with more diapers they stink lot. One option is to have a nappy disposal bin also known as diaper pail. I have one of the best nappy bin and it really works.

Dad must get dirty too!

No matter what he says or how much he tries to avoid it, Dad is at least 50% responsible for Baby being here, and Dad must partake in the poop disposal. Not only does it give you a break from diaper duty, but it allows Dad some serious bonding time as well. The rear end is not all one encounters during diaper changes – there’s plenty of face time to talk and coo with Baby. Encourage Dad to take an active part in changing diapers. He may eventually enjoy it, to his surprise.

This dad had a mishap with some baby powder, but he survived. (I’m glad he did!) 😉 You other dads probably won’t look this silly after changing a diaper, unless you’re related to my other half!

Take cover: the poop shoot!

At some point in your diapering career, it’s quite possible that you will encounter poop as it is being pooped. Try as we might to avoid it, sometimes poop just happens.

The key is to remain calm, especially if your baby has just had explosive diarrhea, or what is known in our household as Down the Wall Poop. Calmness and composure during a poop shoot is easier said than done, but it is essential in this phase of poop problem solving.

1. Take a deep breath. Remember to hold your nose and breathe through your mouth, though.

2. Get Baby clean first, or else you’ll have Squirmed-in Poop in addition to Down the Wall Poop, and two poops are twice the poop of one.

3. Occupy baby AWAY FROM POOP, and bring out the big boys from under the kitchen sink – something that cleans and disinfects.

4. Count to 10 and move in for the kill. You can do this!

5. Have a laugh and blog about it. The first time is always the worst, but it’s something you can look back on with a smile. Until the next time it happens.

If you’re wondering what Mulder has to do with Down the Wall Poop… a search for “baby frown” photos turned up a lot of David Duchovny pics. Hmmmm…

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What You Need To Know About Hedge Trimmers

If your hedge is particularly tall or in a hard to reach place then you may wish to consider a long reach hedge trimmer. These type of trimmers tend to have either a telescopic reach or an additional pole. This allows the weight of the overall triummer to be kept to a minimum, whereas others have a fixed length, both these can extend the reach of the trimmer by some 3 metres. They often incorporate a rotating head to make cutting that much easier. Most are not too heavy and you can get one which is powerd by electric or a rechargeable battery. The main advantage of a long reach hedge trimmer is that there is no need for step ladders, the hassle they cause and the safety issues they bring no longer need to be a problem.

Types of hedge trimmers

There are different types of hedge trimmers available in UK. The most popular and economical is corded electric hedge trimmers. The other type includes gas hedge trimmers and cordless hedge trimmers. Each of these trimmers have their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the one that suit best to your need.

Electric Hedge Trimmers are a very popular type of hedge cutter. However Electric Hedge Trimmers do have their advantages and disadvantages.

hedge trimmers 2018


  • Easier to use as they are lightweight and clean
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Are always ready to go – no waiting for a battery to charge up
  • No limit to the amount of time they can be used for


  • Distance from power point limited by cable length
  • Safety with regards to the potential of cutting through the cable

Petrol Hedge Trimmers have become an alternative to the rechargeable hedge trimmer when it comes to choosing a cordless cutter . However, Petrol Hedge Trimmers do have their advantages and disadvantages.
best petrol hedge trimmer

  • Not limited by battery life
  • Ready to go straight away as no recharge time required
  • No cord so can be used anywhere
  • Safer as there is no cord to accidently cut through


  • More expensive
  • More dirtier than other types of hedge trimmers
  • Tend to be heavier and more difficult to handle


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Touch Table Lamps – A great accessories for your bedroom

Touch table lamps are wonderful accessory for your bedroom. They have additional benefits compare to traditional table lamps that are operated by switch. You don’t need to fumble for the switch in the middle of light in order to switch off or on the lamp. Modern touch lamps are also great in look and comes with sensors that allow them to be either turn on or off with just touch of your hand. These table lamps comes with different settings to change the brightness of the light. If you are looking for buying best touch table lamps then this guide will help you.

Choosing the right table lamps for your bedroom in UK

There is nothing more elegant and classy than vintage floor touch lamps. In fact, in my observation, the trend with home decorations nowadays is adding classy antique lamps to elevate the value and aesthetics of rooms. Furthermore, vintage floor lamps are striking making them great conversation starters when you have guests and visitors at home. Because of its unknown and enigmatic history as well as elaborate design and romantic grace, it is hard not to take notice of vintage floor lamps. Additionally, the rustic finish, stained glass lampshade and intricate details makes it all the more appealing.

 What Are Touch Table Lamps?

Bedside touch table lamps UKBedside touch table lamps are a convenient way to turn light on and off in the bedroom. Simply tap the base for perfect reading or working light, and then tap it again when you are ready to go to sleep. Touch table lamps are available in a variety of styles to match your bedroom decor. Browse the options below for the one that is right for you.

Floor lamps vintage are lighting fixtures that were made and designed in a previous era or decade which have been refurbished for current use. Such lamps are both functional and decorative. Functional because it can illuminate rooms really well and decorative because most vintage designs of floor lamps have elaborate details those floor lamps contemporary cannot offer. Although, some of these retro floor lamps need further polishing to work and illuminate rooms properly. There are various styles of vintage floor lamps you can choose from including the romantic Victorian-style lampshades and 20th century art deco styles.

 Lighting Technology

I observed that different vintage brass floor lamps have different lighting technologies employed as well. It all depends on what era the vintage floor lamp was created and the technology currently available. The earliest lighting technology in vintage floor lamps is through burning oil and later on evolved to kerosene, candle, gas, and eventually electricity. There are a few 20th century vintage floor lamps that are already equipped with electric wires but cannot function with today’s light bulbs. In such cases, further reconstruction of the lite source is needed. But you can also prefer not to reconstruct the lamp if you want to further preserve its value. You can make it solely as decorative pieces instead.

 Base And Shade Of Vintage Floor Lamps

Vintage floor lamps are made of various materials. Most vintage ones have bases made of metal or an oil burner. But there are also some vintage floor lamps that have bases made from glass, crystal, or wood. Some vintage floor lamps have very simple bases without any intricate and elaborate designs while others are thoughtfully and skillfully carved. The shade on the other hand or often made of glass than any other materials. Most of the vintage shades you can find are printed with various designs such as floral patterns, nature, and animals.

There are many places nowadays where you can find vintage floor lamps. Aside from going through flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops, there are also Lowe’s floor lamps you can find that emulate a vintage floor lamp. Lowe’s is a great place to find vintage-looking pieces that will work perfectly using today’s technology. (more…)

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Why You Should Use Inversion Table For Chronic Back Pain

Inversion therapy is a proven treatment for sciatica and other back problems. Teeter Hang Ups was the first company to promote the domestic use of inversion equipment, nationally and internationally. Since 1980, our inversion tables have provided back pain relief to tens of thousands of people with sciatica, pinched nerves, compressed discs, slipped discs, herniated discs, ruptured discs, scoliosis and many other problems. While working with numerous doctors and clinics, we have witnessed the marvelous benefits of inversion innumerable times, and hence, we can confidently recommend our products to you.

The many benefits achieved by inversion include: spinal decompression, full body stress reduction and rejuvenation, elevation of prolapsed internal organs, circulatory and lymph stimulation, and, of course, back pain relief. These benefits are accomplished easier by inversion tables than any other known method. In fact, we believe that inversion is an essential part of any complete health and fitness program. Many professional trainers and sports medicine doctors share our belief. We have also discussed how you can choose the best inversion table in 2018 later in this article.

Benefits of inversion table

One of the best ways to exercise while relieving stress and and strain on your back is by using an inversion table. These tables are commonly known to relieve back issues like sciatica, disc compression and other forms of discomfort that travel down the leg. There is a vast array of different back issues that people can suffer from and inversion tables make it possible to perform exercises that can alleviate this pain.

Hanging upside down is one of the simplest exercises that can be performed with an inversion table. This helps to eliminate stress and pressure in the back. For most individuals, this inversion table activity not only addresses back pain, but can absolve headaches that often arise as a result of this stress. The process is much the same as that of the yoga head stand, however, people are able to perform this inversion exercise with far less difficulty.

Being able to start slowly is one of the major benefits of performing inversion table exercises rather than yoga. Thus, the user can set the table to provide a lower range of inversion and then slowly work his or her way up to being all the way upside down in a head stand position. 20 to 30 degrees is usually a feasible starting point for most beginners. A large number of the stretches and exercises are performed at an inversion level of 90 degrees, however, most of these can be performed at inversion levels for beginners.

Inverstion table benefitsIt reverses the gravity that has compressed the spine, which may have caused pinched nerves. Inversion therapy is a technique where you are suspended upside down to stretch the spine and relieve back pain. The height of the discs relates to the size of the passageway for the nerve roots to exit from the spinal column, so a plump hydrated disc creates maximum clearance, helping to alleviate any pressure or pinching of the nerve root. In the upright position, blood tends to pool in the lower lungs. Hanging upside down is similar to spinal traction by using the body to stretch the spine, reducing the pressure on the discs.

The theory is that by shifting the body’s gravity, pressure eases off the back while also providing traction for the spine. Nearly every activity involves some form of compression of the spine. However, when you invert, this pooled blood is redistributed to the upper lungs, providing more oxygen and improving overall lung function. There are many causes of back pain, including poor posture, weak back and stomach muscles and muscles spasms. Over a lifespan, gravity essentially causes the fluid and discs in our spines to compress.

The compressive effect of gravity is compounded by activities such as running, weightlifting, aerobics, skiing, biking, and golf, which can exact an incredible toll on the spine, discs, and back muscles. Some researchers reported that the use of an inversion table both lengthens the spine and reduces muscle activities. Many of these causes can actually be attributed to one force we must all battle: gravity. This can result in what’s known as a herniated disc or slipped disc that can cause chronic back pain when there is enough pressure put on a adjacent nerves. If that is true, then this anti-gravitational effect can help relieve painful muscle spasms and reduce painful compressive forces on the spine.

Inversion machines for back pain

Stretching movements that are gentle in nature are the ideal way to begin performing inversion table exercises. This helps to work out the upper and lower back and the neck. The gentle stretches help to reduce pain and stress in these locations. Additional stretches include making small side to side motions with your body or gently rocking your pelvis. Performing these activities will enable you to feel more relaxed and more flexible.

Once you are a master at using inversion tables, performing mild stretches and attaining a fully inverted position, there are numerous exercises that can be performed to help sculpt and tone the body, including the highly popular inversion sit-ups. These are an effective way to exercise the abdomen without placing strain on the back. It is important to remember that sit-ups require more effort when they are performed on an inversion table. One sit-up is thought to require the same amount of exertion as ten. This is a phenomenal, low-stress method for training core muscles.

Choosing the best inversion table in UK

Of utmost importance when buying an inversion table is safety. I also spent a lot of time researching and finally choose an inversion table for my father – he has suffered from chronic back pain for almost 10 years now. What may not be immediately obvious are vital design features for user production and reliable function. Many of the “cheap” inversion tables you’ll find on Walmart, for example, are made with low quality plastic and can simply be a health hazard. You need to be confident that the equipment will hold you and your family securely and reliably.

  • Since an inversion table will have you hanging upside down by your ankles, you’ll want to feel safe.
  • Teeter inversion tables offer more specialized features than any other home use model including heat-treated steel, auto-locking hinges to prevent accidental separation of the bed from the base during stretching or exercise, special squeak-free roller bearings and the optional accessory upgrades.
  • Most frames specify minimum and maximum weight for users, and some specify min. and max height too.
  • Here are some important factors to consider when buying an inversion table.
  • Take time to consider safety first.

types of inversion table in UKInversion tables can be pricey, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should spend too much money on one. It supports multi-angle exercises and the user can adjust the height of the table according to his requirements. Portable inversion tables are designed to be light enough to carry yet strong enough to support the weight of your body. When hanging upside down, clamped only by your ankles, you want to be sure you are inverting on good quality equipment. You can always find equipment that’s affordable and within your budget.

It provides soft padded backrest for a comfortable exercising experience. They tend to be smaller than fixed inversion tables and fold easily for convenient storage in a closet or under a bed. Make sure you consider what goes into making the equipment, like worthy materials and craftsmanship. Operating this table is made more accessible by having 6-preset inversion angle positions. Inversion tables that provide the desired results, pay for themselves. (more…)

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Trying MegaShield Lipstick For The First Time

Bolstered by my success with Wet n’ Wild eyeshadows, I decided to try some of their new Megashield lipcolors. I’d been jonesing for a Revlon lip butter, and since the Megashields (which I can’t link to since they aren’t available for sale online anywhere. Meh.) were advertised as being moisturizing, and containing SPF, I figured they might fill the gap.

While I love these lipsticks (bought FIVE of them!), they for sure aren’t “balm-like”. At all. They’re richly, densely pigmented . . . perhaps the most pigmented lipsticks I own. They also, by virtue of being so pigmented, are a little bit drying. I held out writing this review until I’d obtained and tested out an actual Revlon Lip Butter for comparison purposes and, now that I have, I can confirm to you that these Megashield lipsticks are in NO WAY, shape or form anything like the Revlon Lip Butters. If you’re looking for a formula dupe, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

HOWEVER! If you’re after a richly pigmented, long lasting lipstick that comes in trendy shades and won’t break the bank, this is your product.

These lipsticks are, apparently, supposed to retail for $2.99. When I’ve purchased they’ve been ringing up for less ($2.49 at one Walgreens and $1.79 at another . . . with nary a sale sticker in sight). They’re also packaged with $1 off stickie coupons, so for the 5 lipsticks shown here, I spent a grand total of about $7.

(Apologies for the smudge on Salsa Lessons . . . SOMEBODY woke up from his nap halfway through my photo shoot). As you can see, these are very matte. As I mentioned earlier, they are a little drying, so I’ve had the most success wearing them with a layer of balm (rubbed in well) underneath. However, the pigment? Like, whoa. I took these swatch photos in the early evening, washed my hands several times through the night, showered and washed my hair the next morning, and I could STILL see traces of pigment leftover from Salsa Lessons in the morning. On the lips, I’ve found these to wear several hours and eventually fade evenly.

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